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Children’s Dentistry

Exams, Hygiene Instructions.

It is never too early to bring your kids to the dentists with you when you attend for routine examinations. The more they attend, the less fearful they will be when they have their first check-up. We recommend bringing your kids to see us from 3 years of age, or whenever the first teeth start erupting. Our staff have years of experience to manage children’s dentistry well. Our practice is ready made for parents, with buggy access, changing tables, easy parking, early morning and evening appointments, and a host of toys and colouring books to keep the little ones distracted.

Children's Dentistry

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Priority Booking

Flexible, Convenient Times.

Here at Killiney Dental, we prioritise your family’s needs by reserving blocks of time from 3-9pm to allow the entire family to attend together. If you would like to make a family booking, please contact us on (01) 285 9067 or send us an email to hello@killineydental.com and we will respond within 24 hours. Alternatively, follow the link below and make an online family booking today. We will also send annual family reminders for you to attend for your routine check ups. This can be by text, phone, email or letter. Just let our receptionist know whichever method you would prefer.

Children's Dentistry

Oral Hygiene

How to Keep Kids Teeth Healthy.

Try to reduce tooth decay by changing how often your child has sugary foods and drinks and the amount of sugary food and drinks they consume. Limit treats to mealtimes. Children shouldn’t have added sugar more than four times a day. For infants, don’t add sugar to their food when weaning them to solids. If your child is ill and requires medicine, ask your pharmacist or GP if a sugar-free alternative is available. Decay prevention is not the only concern parents should have when considering their children’s oral health. Recent studies show that periodontal disease continues to plague millions, including children. The best way to ensure that your child remains cavity free with healthy gums is to instill good oral habits early. Proper  oral hygiene routines should be established as early as infancy and continued throughout life.

Children's Dentistry

Oral Hygiene Advice

7 Top Tips.

Tip No. 1

Before teeth begin to erupt, thoroughly clean your baby’s gums after each bottle or feed with a water-soaked infant cloth or gauze to stimulate the gum tissue and remove debris. When the infant’s teeth begin to erupt, brush them gently with a small, soft-bristled toothbrush using a pea-sized amount of fluoridated toothpaste.

Tip No. 2

A small amount of fluoridated toothpaste will help to inhibit decay. Fluoride is also found in mouth rinses, community water supplies, and in some foods.

Tip No. 3

At age two or three, you can begin to teach your child proper brushing techniques. But remember, you will need to follow up with brushing and gentle flossing until age seven or eight, when the child has the dexterity to do it alone.

Tip No. 4

Schedule regular oral health appointments starting around your child’s first birthday. Your oral health professional will check for cavities in the primary teeth and watch for developmental problems, as well as help to create a positive experience that may alleviate fear at future visits.

Tip No. 5

Allow and encourage your child to discuss any fears he or she might have about oral health visits, but do not mention the words’hurt’ or ‘pain’. Saying “it won’t hurt” instills the possibility of pain in the child’s thought process.

Tip No. 6

Determine if the water supply that serves your home is fluoridated. If there is not fluoride in your water, discuss supplement options with your dental hygienist.

Ask your dentist or dental hygienist about sealant applications to protect the chewing surfaces of your child’s teeth; and about baby bottle tooth decay, which occurs when teeth are frequently exposed to sugar-containing liquids for long periods of time.

Children's Dentistry
Children's Dentistry
Children's Dentistry

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