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Fee Guide: Prices

Updated May 2018

These fees are a guide to the prices we charge. All patients will be presented with a personalised treatment plan before any treatment is carried out. If you wish to discuss any of the details, our fees, or if you wish to avail of our payment options for orthodontic treatments, please ask a member of staff. We are always happy to help.


Treatment Plans, Payment Options.

We will provide you with a written individual treatment plan and transparent, written treatment costs at your initial appointment. A full list of our prices is available below or on display in the surgery.

We accept cash and all major credit/debit cards and Laser cards. We do not accept American Express or cheques. If you are paying via one of our plans the various permutations will be discussed with you as determined by the costs of your own bespoke treatment plan. Normally, this entails an upfront fee of circa one third of the amount, followed by monthly payments totalling the outstanding amount.

For all dental treatment payment must be made on the initial appointment and balance paid prior to the final appointment being made. For dental treatment involving lab work, payment must be made at preparation appointment.

Fee Guide

PRSI Scheme

Entitlements, Forms Link.

Since the cuts to the dental service in 2009, the only treatments left under this scheme are an entitlement of one annual check up and hygiene visit. Under this scheme, the Department pays the full cost of an oral examination and cleaning once per calendar year. The examination is provided by private dentists who are on the Department of Social Protection’s panel. These forms require details such as your Personal Public Service Number (PPS number). If you are a dependent spouse or civil partner, you should give the PPS number of the insured person.

Tax Relief

Med II, Entitlements.

There are certain dental procedures that you may be able to offset against your income tax liability. This can be done by filling out the MED 2 form and having your dentist sign the form at the end of treatment. You can either ask us for a copy of this form or download it by clicking the image linked.

Treatments covered by the Med 2 include:
Root canal treatment
Periodontal treatment
Surgical extraction of a Wisdom Tooth

Full details of the tax relief allowable can be accessed on the revenue’s site here.


Policy, How to Rearrange.

Anyone who cancels 24 hours before an appointment will not incur a charge. If a patient misses an appointment, or fails to cancel with 24 hours notice, we will charge a fee of €35. In truth, this is not something we like to do, but we have a responsibility to our staff’s employment and to those serious about their dental health. Those few who fail or cancel regularly can have a knock-on effect on others seeking urgent appointments. Of course, we are sensitive to those unexpected problems life can bring at times, and where there are genuine reasons as to why you could not attend, we can use our discretion to waive the fee.

Fee Guide

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