Adult Orthodontics

Are you happy with your smile? Do you have dental issues from a poor bite or overcrowded teeth? There’s no need to take a time machine back to your teenage years, because no matter what your age, it’s never too late for braces to give you a smile you’ve always dreamed of having.

While it’s true that getting braces as an adult comes with a different set of challenges, the result is worth it, both aesthetically and functionally. Also, as an adult, you are likely to take better care of your teeth during treatment and be more faithful wearing your retainers than an adolescent. Your outcome as an adult could be even better than if you’d undergone the process as a child. Choosing to get braces as an adult could be the best decision you ever make.

The benefits of getting braces far outweigh any reservations you might have with wearing braces as an adult. Braces can give you the confidence to smile that you’ve perhaps lacked due to being self-conscious about your teeth. A misaligned bite or crowded teeth can cause serious dental issues such as tooth decay, gum disease, tooth wear and even problems with your jaws. Correcting your smile is not just about vanity, it’s about the longevity of your teeth and your overall health.

If you’re concerned with how you’ll look, you have many more options today than were likely available when you were a teen. Today’s less-visible options include Invisalign, ceramic braces that match the colour of your teeth, and lingual braces that are set behind the teeth. You and your orthodontist are sure to come up with the option that will make you the most comfortable.

The first step in deciding if braces are right for you and your unique goals is to visit our specialist orthodontist. You should be comfortable with what the orthodontist is proposing. Each person and set of teeth are unique and need an individual treatment plan.

Work with the orthodontist to figure out your out of pocket cost for braces. We offer interest free payment plans, or pay as you go arrangements, to ease the financial burden of your treatment.

So, in short, don’t go through any more of your life wishing that you had that lovely smile you’ve always wanted. It’s never too late for you to consider braces. Take care of yourself and your oral health and book a consultation with our orthodontist today.

Dr. Gerald O'Connor B.D.S., N.U.I. (hons) (Principal Dentist & Owner)

Dr Gerald O’Connor qualified with honours from University College Cork in 1998, where he achieved his Bachelor of Dental Surgery degree and was awarded the Kerr Prize for Restorative Dentistry. Following his qualification, he spent 6 years gaining experience in a dental clinic in Essex before buying his own practice in 2004. Dr O’Connor quickly added a second location in 2006 and formed the Oak Dental Group.

After returning to Ireland in 2013, he set up Killiney Dental with his long-time partner Rosemarie. Gerald has a wealth of experience in dentistry with a vested interest in modern, evidence-based solutions. He enjoys implementing new dental treatments that are minimally invasive for patients without compromising their desire for an idealised smile. Dr O’Connor currently serves on the Irish Dental Association’s Quality and Patient Safety Committee. In his spare time, he enjoys films, music, fiction writing and being anywhere in sight of the sea.