A Patient's Journey

a brief synopsis of what to expect.

First Appointment

On Arriving.

Here at Killiney Dental we strive to discover as much about you and your dental needs as humanly possible. Before we can begin to formulate your bespoke treatment plan, we will need to spend time to discover your expectations, past dental experience and any pertinent medical history.

During your first dental health assessment we will spend around 30-40 minutes with you, getting to know you and your mouth. On arrival at our clinic, we will book you in on our Dentally management systems, and you will be invited to relax in our waiting area. Here we provide you with ample distractions, TV, free WiFi and daily newspapers, anything that will help you feel at ease.

On arrival, one of our dentists will greet you and bring you into our private consultation room. Over the next few minutes, we will run through your smile questionnaire, medical records and have a quick chat about the reasons you attended and what your expectations are of us.

First Appointment

Dental Health Check

In the Chair.

In the surgery, we will undertake a full 16-pont dental health assessment of your mouth. Starting from the outside in, we will assess your external anatomy such as the jaw joints, lymph nodes, and lips to look for asymmetry or other dental issues. In the mouth we check your teeth, gums, bone, soft tissues, bite and dental aesthetics. We will look for signs of dental decay and gum disease, and undertake a full oral cancer screening. If needed, we will take impressions for study models and a full set of photographs of your teeth.

If after this assessment X-rays are needed to help us diagnose further, we will take only those that are indicated in line with our criteria to minimise exposure.

Once we have all of this information, we will compile your bespoke dental health assessment. From this we will formulate a treatment plan outlining short and long-term care plans. We will show you your X-rays and photos and discuss every facet of your dental care.

It is at this point that we will discuss the various costs and options for payment available. It is our goal to provide you with the best quality treatment that you can afford.

Normally, we will undertake any emergency treatment required at this juncture to treat any pain or swelling that is causing you discomfort. Any other treatment will be done at subsequent appointments. The advantages to this are two fold—one is to allow us the time to do the work to our very exacting standards and the other is to offer you the time to digest all the information.

First Appointment


Before Leaving.

Many times we find that the information we provide can be a lot for a customer to absorb. Having the opportunity to study the plans in peace and quiet and come back to us with a fully informed and consented treatment decision is priceless. We do not want our patients making permanent and costly decision when they are stressed, in pain, or overwhelmed by the options.

When you leave the dentist and return to the reception, our receptionist will give you a fully-costed plan, complete with copies of your photographs and X-rays, information leaflets and consent forms on any treatments needed. We will then book you in for future appointments and take payment by either cash or card.

Sometimes, for more complicated treatment plans, we will invite you back to have a second discussion with our dentists or specialists free of charge. This is often the case with orthodontics and cosmetic cases and is often needed so you can have the chance to ask more questions after having the time to reflect on the options available to you.

If you would like to make an appointment, please contact us by phone on 01 2859067 or make one online using the links below.

First Appointment

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