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Teeth Whitening in Dublin

Teeth Whitening | Expert Dentists in Dublin

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Teeth Whitening | What Is It?

Enlighten teeth whitening is a gentle procedure that lightens the shade of your teeth to its most natural white and removes any staining or discolouration. It is combination therapy, using trays and chairside whitening techniques to achieve a predictable and long-lasting result. It is the only whitening system that guarantees to achieve a B1 final shade (the lightest naturally occurring shade of white).

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Teeth Whitening in Dublin | How Does It Work?

Enlighten Whitening is a combination of tray-based whitening at home for 14 nights with a final in-house bleaching on the 15th day. The active ingredient is carbamide peroxide which breaks down to hydrogen peroxide in the mouth. This passes through the enamel, breaking down the stains by chemical oxidation thereby whitening the teeth.

Teeth Whitening Treatments | at Killiney Dental

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Why Whiten Your Teeth?

Staining — Teeth whitening can remove staining due to tea, wine, and other factors such as excessive mouthwash use.

Special Occasions — If you have a special occasion coming up, be it a wedding, anniversary, graduation or birthday, teeth whitening can help brighten your smile for the big day, making you look and feel fantastic.

Ageing — It reverses the effect of ageing on your teeth. Overtime, your enamel thins and stains build up on your teeth, resulting in a yellow and dulled appearance. Teeth whitening can completely reverse this process, rejuvenating your smile in an instant.

Smoking — If you have recently quit smoking, teeth whitening can remove a lot of the discolouration caused by the tar in tobacco products and return your teeth back to their former whiter glory.

Natural Shade — Some people simply have yellower teeth than others. If you are one of these people, and you are unhappy with the natural shade of your teeth, teeth whitening can whiten your shade, thereby dramatically changing the teeth and giving your appearance and self-confidence a boost. A whiter smile is a brighter smile!

Diet — If you have consumed a lot of tea, coffee, and soft drinks over the years, teeth whitening can remove all stains caused by these drinks, restoring the teeth back to their more natural shade of white.


What are the benefits of ENLIGHTEN teeth whitening?

Improved Appearance – The primary goal of anyone interested in teeth whitening is to improve appearance. Teeth whitening removes stains and can make the teeth colour appear more unified.

Youthful Look – White teeth are often associated with youth and vitality. As children, we have naturally white smiles, but staining of teeth over time can diminish that look. Teeth whitening restores the youthful appearance of teeth.

Improved Mood – There are countless studies that prove that smiling can improve your happiness and self-confidence. The act of smiling alone releases endorphins and can make someone feel happier. With a white smile, you’ll be likely to smile more, and that will improve your mood and might improve your relationships as well. 

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Teeth Whitening | How to Protect Your Brighter, Whiter Smile?

Stained and discoloured teeth can have a terrible effect on your self-confidence. Thankfully, professional dental whitening is a safe and effective solution to the problem, but it’s also somewhat expensive. If you opt for the treatment, it makes sense to take proper care of your teeth afterward, so that you protect your new smile from becoming stained all over again. Here’s what to do.

The First 48 Hours After Teeth Whitening

Immediately after whitening treatment, the pores in your teeth enamel will be open, and at high risk of taking on new stains. Because of this, for the first two days after the procedure it’s important to follow the “white diet”, only eating and drinking relatively colorless items. Stick to water instead of soda or coffee, and if you enjoy a glass of wine, then choose white rather than red. Eat pale foods such as pasta or chicken, and avoid colorful ones such as carrots, chocolate, and red fruits.

Cut Back on Hot and Cold Drinks

Even after the enamel pores have closed again, it’s best to avoid drinking very hot or cold beverages for a week or two. Whitening treatments can cause temporary teeth sensitivity, which these drinks can make worse. If you do drink them, consider using a straw to minimize the contact between your teeth and the liquid. If tooth pain is a problem, use over-the-counter pain relief such as ibuprofen, but if the discomfort lasts more than a few days then speak to your dentist to rule out any underlying problems.

Reduce Smoking and Drinking

If your stained teeth were partly a result of drinking and smoking, then it makes sense to cut back on these activities as much as you can. Whitening is a one-shot process that doesn’t provide any future protection, and so it’s best to avoid the original causes if you want the results to last.

Be Careful with Cosmetics

If you wear lipstick or gloss, consider switching to a smudge-free formulation to reduce the chances of this highly staining substance being transferred to your new, brighter smile.

Use Teeth Whitening Mouthwash or Toothpaste

While whitening toothpastes and mouthwashes are of limited use in actually reversing staining, they can be extremely effective for preventing new discolouration from building up again after whitening treatment. Consider switching from your usual dental hygiene products to ones containing mild whitening agents to help protect your smile.

Avoid Home Teeth Whitening Kits

Hopefully, your whitening treatment will leave you satisfied with the results. However, if you don’t feel that your new smile is quite white enough, don’t be tempted to buy a home whitening kit to add the finishing touch. Even carefully controlled professional whitening treatment can leave your teeth weakened for a while, and further treatment can cause permanent damage. If you’re genuinely unhappy, then speak to your dentist before trying anything on your own. We have top-up kits we can supply for use every 12 months to help maintain your teeth at their new shade.

Take Home Message

Professional whitening is highly effective and safe, but it doesn’t come without cost. After going through the expense and inconvenience of treatment, proper aftercare will help preserve the results while protecting your teeth for the future.

Teeth Whitening | Frequently Asked Questions

Will it damage my teeth?
Enlighten uses a state-of-the-art version of carbamide peroxide gel which is proven to be safe for use in the mouth and, unlike many other whitening gels, Enlighten gel is pH neutral so it will not damage the surface of the teeth or harm the gums.

Are there any side effects?
All tooth whitening gels can produce some short-lasting tooth sensitivity, which can last until a few days after the whitening has finished. If the sensitivity is bad, we recommend using the desensitising buds provided in the whitening kit. Also, you might experience overnight dry mouth during whitening and some mild tingling of the gums until treatment is finished.

How white will my teeth go?
Everyone is different in this regard. It depends on the specific porosity of your teeth, the original shade, and how dutiful you are in following the instructions. In general, ENLIGHTEN whitening can lighten teeth by up to 16 shades. In all my years of dentistry, I have never seen anyone who we deemed suitable for the procedure disappointed at the end of their ENLIGHTEN treatment. If you are unhappy, however, we offer a money back guarantee at the end.

How do I maintain it?

Whether you use our home tooth-whitening system, or have your teeth bleached in house, you can help maintain the results by flossing and brushing daily. Also, avoid acidic and staining foods and beverages such as: black teas, coffee, red wine, sports drinks, sodas, berries, and dark sauces.

In addition, we can provide top-up syringes to be used in the trays we provided at a cost of €20 per dose. These can be kept for months and used as an adjunctive therapy for 1 or 2 days every 2-4 months.

On average professional whitening will last for about two to three years. The duration will however vary depending on the procedure used, the state of the teeth and the personal habits of the patient after the whitening procedure.

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